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Meeting Town focuses on driving meeting engagement by allowing participants to submit and upvote the questions that matter most to them. Questions can be submitted and voted upon prior to the start of a meeting, to ensure that the moderator has a chance to review and approve content before the conversation starts. Whereas Poll Everywhere relies on the moderator to come up with questions to gauge participant interest, to be distributed to the audience during a meeting for ad hoc responses.

Meeting Town also places a premium on security for your discussions, especially with the shift towards increased remote connectivity in recent times. All Meeting Town users (even free plans) can take advantage of meetings where users can authenticate via oAuth (Google/Microsoft) or via email+password. Poll Everywhere only offers authentication with their top Enterprise plan.

Finally, Meeting Town encourages teams to continue the conversation, by allowing participants to rate and comment on discussions, and download questions for offline conversation. Poll Everywhere primarily focused on single one off discussions, without opportunity for offline or ongoing discussion.

Focus Areas
Meeting Town
Poll Everywhere

Conversation direction

Allows meeting participants to submit questions that matter to them

Allows moderators to ask participants questions for on demand feedback

Discussion moderation

All plans allow moderators full control to review and edit questions

Requires premium plan to filter objectionable responses

Continuous engagement

Offers a persistent event space for feedback & comments

Designed for one-off discussion polls

How is Meeting Town different from Poll Everywhere?


During our launch pricing period, you can enjoy all of Meeting Town’s functionality for FREE, including question moderation and user authentication. In order to utilize similar Poll Everywhere functionality, you must sign up for their Engage or greater plans, starting at $42/month.

In addition, we will always allow you to have unlimited event moderators, as we want you to use our app for as many discussions as you’d like. Poll Everywhere limits you to one admin user, with an extra $250-499 per year cost (depending on plan) for each additional admin.


Meeting Town focuses on giving your audience and discussion participants a voice, to let you know what matters most to them. This ensures meaningful, transparent discussions, as participants can submit questions anonymously if desired. Poll Everywhere puts the onus on the moderator to come up with potential questions, which audience members can share feedback on, limiting opportunity to participants to voice their needs.

Poll Everywhere can be leveraged for discussions where simply one-word or short answers are desired from the audience, in response to predefined moderator-driven questions. However, if an open engaging discussion is the goal, Meeting Town will allow participants to share their questions in advance to get the conversation started.

Meeting Town is designed for discussions of all sizes, from weekly team meetings, to company all-hands. Whereas Poll Everywhere is more conducive to large forums and discussions, to help guide discussions and agendas, based on moderator poll questions and participant responses.

Security & Control

Meeting Town events can be securely set up to meet your needs, whether you want to invite specific people, your entire organization, or the general public. A premium Poll Everywhere subscription is required for secure polls requiring user login & authentication.

Meeting Town allows you to send email invites to your participants right from the app. Your meeting participants can then submit questions, even anonymously, to create a safe discussion space. Upvoting ensures that the discussion covers the topics they’re most interested in.

Once a discussion starts, Meeting Town gives you full control, to review, modify, re-organize and spotlight questions, depending on where the conversation goes. Poll Everywhere only allows moderators to filter out objectionable responses to poll questions, and requires a premium subscription.

Meeting Town even allows you to mark questions to answer later, to take the more complex discussions offline. After your meetings, you can review participant feedback, comments, and send questions out, to keep the conversation going and improve future discussions.


Meeting Town offers a modern, easy to use interface that will allow beginners to quickly get up and running. Participants can submit questions with one click, and moderators can just as easily review, edit and approve questions.

We feel that Poll Everywhere’s design leaves a bit to be desired, but see for yourself…

Meeting Town

Poll Everywhere


Key Features
Meeting Town
Poll Everywhere

Ability for participants to submit questions


Not available

Moderation controls


From $42/month

Branded space/URL


From $84/month

User authentication


Enterprise, from $9,999+

Question sharing


Enterprise, from $9,999+

Ability to email invites to participants


Not available

Post event knowledge space


Not available

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