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You will likely want different groups of people to be able to participate in your discussions, whether your meeting is for a specific group of individuals, or open to a broader audience. You might even have discussions that are open to the general public (great for customer feedback and user engagement)!

Meeting Town offers flexibility and security to support all of these Q&A use cases.

When setting up an event, navigate to the Engagement tab and you’ll have a selection of options to determine Who can access this event?

Invitees only

Use this option for maximum security, if your discussion is only for specific individuals.

For example:

  • Weekly team meetings
  • Managers discussion around compensation & promotions

Participants will be required to authenticate, to join the event, and must be on the event invite list.

Anyone in this workspace

This option is useful when you may have a larger audience, such as quarterly department or company all-hands meetings, where you still require verification that attendees are part of the company, but prefer not to have to invite each attendee to every occurrence of the meeting.

We suggest set-up as follows:

  1. Navigate to your Workspace Settings
  2. Under the Details tab

           - Set the Restrict Access By Email Domain setting to Yes.

           - This ensures that only users that match your email domain can access the workspace, providing built in security.

       3. Set the Allow users with this domain email to join the workspace… setting to Allow.

           - This allows any with your email domain to join the workspace, eliminating the need for you to manually add your entire organization.

        4. Within Event Settings, set the access to Anyone in this workspace.

           - This will allow anyone in the workspace to join your event, eliminating the need for you to manually invite your entire organization.

        5. Copy the event link and distribute to your attendees - via Slack, email etc. Participants can simply click the link, log in, and join the             discussion!

                                                                                                           Copy the event link as indicated below


Use this option with care! This allows anyone to click on your event link and join the event.

Participants will have the option to submit an email address or log in via Google/Microsoft single-sign-on, in order to receive post event updates and have the opportunity to rate and comment on the event.

However, if they choose not to share an email or log in, they can join the event with one click.

This configuration is useful for open discussions where security is not a critical need, and where the audience is not predefined (such as a conference or community round table discussion).

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