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Uncomfortable Discussions

Every organization will have the need to handle uncomfortable Q&A discussions which may involve putting executives and managers on the spot to answer tough questions, educating employees on topics of a sensitive nature or even airing dirty laundry. Without proper preparation, these discussions can be filled with awkward silences and crickets chirping. Even worse, these burning questions often are never mentioned at all, leaving you as a leader wondering what was unsaid.

Meeting Town can help give your employees a voice and encourage speak up culture, to drive transparency without fear of repercussion or embarrassment. Take advantage of MeetingTown’s anonymous participant capabilities, to offer employees the opportunity to submit their burning questions anonymously, to ensure open discussion of the questions and topics that matter most to them.

When setting up an event, ensure that the “Force all participants to be anonymous” checkbox is selected. This will ensure that no personal details (name or email) will be associated with any submitted questions, for full anonymity.

Participants will see the following, with the “anonymous” checkbox selected and disabled.

Note that you do not have to force your participants to be anonymous. If you leave the “Force all participants to be anonymous” checkbox unselected, then questions will display the submitter’s email or name, for full transparency. However, submitters will always have the opportunity to specify anonymity themselves.

Meeting Town is built to support a broad range of environments, to maximize transparency and encourage open discussions by creating easy to use safe discussion spaces.

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