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How to use Meeting Town as a Zoom App

Here at Meeting Town, we know that just answering questions isn’t enough. It’s all about having the right questions to answer. We offer a Q&A app that can be run simultaneously alongside the Zoom App, upgrading your current video sessions to be less focused on pointless, rapidfire questions from Mr. Squeaky-Wheel, and more driven by honest and encouraging two-way discussions about the questions that matter the most to everyone.

We will show you, step-by-step, the best way to run both programs and optimize your screen for your meeting.

Start by opening your Zoom Meeting. Once you have that open, snap it to one side of your screen.

Open your internet browser and login into your Meeting Town Workspace. You should be able to see any questions already submitted by your students or team. Snap the browser to the opposite side of the screen as your Zoom window. To best optimize both views, we recommend dragging the edge of the zoom window over as much as it will allow. This will update the Meeting Town view so that you can manage your meeting without having to scroll within the window.

From here, you can view and moderate your Q&A Session with ease.

The “Public View” will show all the questions already submitted and approved (if you selected moderation). Using the three dot menu on the right of each question, you can highlight questions, mark the question as answered by moving it to the Archive, or moving it to the “Answer Later” queue.

If you have selected moderation, you will be notified as new questions come up by a little red number in the corner of the Public View bar. You can click the Menu button and you will see the “Review” queue also showing the red number. 

Once in review, you can approve, reject, or move a question to the Answer Later queue. Once approved, the question will be displayed on the main page so that others have the opportunity to upvote it.

At any time, you can use the drop down menu to see the other queues and review those questions during or after the meeting!

While ideal with Zoom, this setup will also work with other popular video conferencing applications such as Webex, GoToMeeting, and Skype! Upgrade your Q&A sessions with Meeting Town - The Q&A App.

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