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Control Freak (Part 1)

Some discussions can be free flowing, while others deserve focus and regulation. For example, a monthly company culture discussion may jump from one topic to the next, with any and all suggestions and questions welcome. Whereas a quarterly all hands focusing on the company’s future given uncertain times, would likely be more effective with a predefined and ordered Q&A session.

Some casual discussions may also be less concerned about inappropriate questions (or language), while other forums certainly would warrant moderation to ensure professionalism and appropriate content, while still driving engagement.

Meeting Town offers a range of controls for moderators to exhibit as much or as little influence on a discussion as the situation warrants. 

The first decision to make when creating a new event, is whether or not the event should lock, at the start time. A locked event will no longer allow participants to submit or upvote questions after it starts, which allows for a static set of questions in a predefined order. With an unlocked event, participants will continue to be able to submit and upvote questions during the discussion, which can result in a higher volume of engagement, but also risks distraction and confusion, from new questions appearing and constantly reordering (due to upvoting).

The next key decision is whether or not to moderate questions. Most discussions likely will utilize moderation, which allows a person to review, edit and approve (or reject) questions prior to release to the discussion audience. This can be toggled on the fly during a discussion, in case a discussion starts unmoderated, but requires an emergency shut-off switch due to influx of inappropriate content.

In our next post, we’ll walk through some of the more granular control Meeting Town offers, to moderate and customize the experience presented to your participants.

To be continued…

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