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Meeting Town can help drive employee engagement and culture

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Who's On The List?

Utilize different types of event access to define who can participate in your meetings. Meeting Town can limit to a specific group of people or open to a broad audience.

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Control Freak (Part 2)

Once you have opened the floodgates and (hopefully) your participants have submitted a bunch of questions, Meeting Town offers a range of options to moderate your Q&A experience...

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Control Freak (Part 1)

Meeting Town moderator controls allow you to exhibit as much or as little influence on a discussion as the situation warrants.

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Uncomfortable Discussions

Handle uncomfortable Q&A discussions. Check out Meeting Town’s anonymous participant capabilities which offers the opportunity to submit questions anonymously.

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Open Beta Product Launch: Meeting Town, Q&A meetings that matter

Today, I am excited to announce the open beta for Meeting Town .The mission of the product is to facilitate open and transparent communication to encourage continuous collaboration and understanding between people who run and attend everyday meetings with an initial focus on helping teams run Q&A meetings that matter.

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