Foster employee engagement and culture with Meeting Town

Foster diversity and inclusion while building employee engagement and culture, by creating a place where team members can ask questions that matter to provide leaders insight into what matters most to their team.

Help meeting organizers & facilitators moderate audience questions and collect feedback to ensure relevant, high quality discussions.

Change the way work gets through our extensive collective experiences at organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to early stage startups, that all suffer from the same challenges of quiet meetings and limited audience participation.

our company

We're an incubated project from Post-PC Labs, LLC, founded by Han Yuan. Our team consists of freelancers around the globe. Long term success for Meeting Town is measured by the value we provide to our customers. If we're successful, we hope to provide more economic opportunities to people around the world through Meeting Town and other incubated projects. We're a small, scrappy team dedicated to helping companies and organizations get the most out of discussions of any size. We move quickly and are continuously trying new ideas to evolve our product. Most importantly, we're always open to chat and welcome any and all feedback.

You can always contact Han directly at

our values


Everybody should feel at ease particpating in a discussion, even anonymously.


The best designed tools are intuitive and focus on what matters most.


There's always room to make things easier and more enjoyable to use.