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Get started for free!

Organize your next in-person or remote discussion FREE!

Organize your next in-person or remote discussion FREE!

Collect questions in advance
See which questions are most popular
No registration or sign-in required
Fully anonymous for a safe & open space
Discussions last for 14 days
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Need to moderate questions? Try our full featured app!

Need to moderate questions? Try our full featured app!

Review and block inappropriate questions
Prioritize questions by importance
Create invite only meetings
Collect post meeting feedback

Get started for free!

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Run Engaging Q&As

Let your attendees upvote questions so you discuss what matters most first.

Encourage Open Discussions

Create a safe discussion space by allowing anonymous questions with moderation.

Track Meeting Efficacy

Collect feedback after the event so you and your attendees have a record of everything.

Q&A App To Support Distributed Team Discussions

Seamlessly integrate remote team members for engaging discussions that cut across geographical boundaries.

Make Q&A Part Of Your Organization’s Culture

Multiple workspaces, personalized subdomains and flexible permissions support discussions of all sizes - from weekly team meetings to quarterly business reviews to org-wide all hands.

Continuous team engagement Q&A App

Before discussions

  • Review agendas and action items
  • Encourage question submissions & upvoting
  • Send email reminders

During discussions

  • Moderate the conversation
  • Spotlight popular questions
  • Get your whole team involved

Post discussions

  • Get feedback and comments
  • Drive NPS and attendee satisfaction
  • Keep the conversation going